• We have been thrilled with our son’s experiences at Richland Academy Montessori School.

    Our son started at Richland Academy when he was 3 months old and he is currently 14 months old. It has not only been a caring and peaceful environment for him, but he is progressing by leaps and bounds. We have enjoyed experiencing the new things he learns each week. The staff is extremely helpful, attentive and genuine in their desire to educate and better our son. We have full confidence in their technique and methodology. The school environment is warm and welcoming. We feel safe bringing our son there. The quality of the staff, classrooms, and facility all contribute to an excellent environment for our son to thrive in.

    -Jessica G.

  • student in a montessori classroom

    I tried to enroll my son three months before he was even born!

    I had experience with Montessori with my two older children in another town, and was anxious to have my son start his education and learn the same way. Richland Academy has exceeded my expectations, allowing my son to excel in a safe and loving environment.

    -Tamara H.

  • We could not have hoped for a better school experience for both of our children! Richland Academy is the best!!

    -Danielle L.

  • Richland Academy has been a wonderful experience for our son and our family.

    Our son was originally enrolled in another childcare center that was loving and caring, but did not offer the “whole package.” With Richland Academy, not only do you receive the loving and friendly staff, but the solid foundation for your child to flourish to his or her greatest potential. We are so grateful for all that you do, allowing our son to grow and encouraging him everyday. You are all a true blessing.

    -Jennifer L.

  • Our son just began attending Richland Academy. His transition was smooth, and the staff have been great!

    After a few short weeks, he was counting to 30 and already knows all of his numbers, 0-9. He just turned 3 years old, but the level of education is superior, in my opinion! We are very pleased and thankful to have a great program so close to home

    -Kerri T.

  • Overall, my daughter has had a great experience at Richland Academy.

    The Montessori program is a positive and encouraging environment and she has acquired so many skills over the past two years.

    -Carrie B.

  • Richland Academy is a great school!

    Our son loves all of the teachers and staff!

    -Susan L

  • When I visited my daughter in her classroom…

    I was surprised to see she could do a lot of things (many of them I’ve never let her try at home) independently at Richland Academy.

    -Huiying L.

  • Our three children have been attending Richland Academy for the past two years.

    There are not too many places where I can leave my children and know that they are in good hands; but without a doubt, I know that they are being extremely taken care of their entire time attending preschool and childcare. Each day, the children come home with stories from school along with all of their precious work that they have spent so much time creating and making each day. Even small scraps of paper are kept in special envelopes as to convey that every single piece of art that is created is important, and my kids recognize this as they have begun to develop a greater sense of self, increased independence, and a sense of accomplishment in many things they participate in. The teachers at Richland Academy are extremely dedicated to what they do and foster a very close relationship with both the children and parents to facilitate an optimal learning environment. They are very attentive to the needs of each individual child, and truly care about being a genuine and positive influence, whether they are learning in the classroom or participating in non-direct activies, such as dancing to music or putting on an Easter egg hunt. They are amazing! Our family also has one son with special dietary restrictions. They have not been many situations where I am able to leave him somewhere without worrying too much. the staff at Richland Academy always makes sure he is included in whatever is going on and consistently work together (and with me) to make sure he is completely taken care of when different situations come up. This peace of mind is priceless, as I know he is happy and can fully participate in all daily activities without missing a beat. Overall, I am more than 100% satisfied with our experience at Richland Academy and would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering a preschool or childcare for their children.

    -Ariane M.

  • When we were deciding where to send our first child, we researched several daycare and preschool options in the area.

    Richland Academy was the only one which offered a Montessori environment for infants and toddlers. Now, two years in, with two children attending the infant and toddler programs, we could not be more pleased. The growth we see in our children on a daily basis is a testament to the quality programs and high-caliber individuals at Richland Academy. Our son is excited to go to school every day, and eager to tell us about the activities he did at school. Our daughter has made a connection with the staff in the infant program and smiles every morning when she arrives at school. It is very evident that the teachers and staff love working with children at this age level. They have created a welcoming environment where kids are the first priority. The quality and dedication of the staff sets Richland Academy apart. It is worth the daily half hour drive each way to ensure that our kids receive the best care and education they can receive, in a setting that supports their growth and development.

    -Chris and Emily S.

  • My little girl is 2 1/2 and has been going to Richland Academy for about two years.

    She loves going to school there and the staff is very nice and helpful. Being a mom, you want your children to be safe. I have no worries when I drop her off. My daughter is learning many academics and social skills. She has so much fun there too. We are so happy with Richland Academy.

    -Jess R.

  • My child started Richland Academy at 18 months and has flourished in the Montessori environment.

    He has learned potty training, pouring, counting, and everything in between. As a stay at home mom, my child attending a toddler then preschool program was never something we had to do, but after visiting Richland Academy, we wanted to. Most importantly, my son loves school and wants to go each day.

    -Heather L.

  • My daughter has had the opportunity to spend 4 years at Richland Academy and with each passing year her learning, growth, and development have surpassed our expectations.

    I remember during her third year when she was learning the moveable alphabet, she became very distressed and no longer woke up with the excitement and eagerness of past years to attend school in the morning. Miss Vicki encouraged us to work on word lists with her at home, and I being a worried mother immediately bought the moveable alphabet from Amazon. Miss Vicki was right of course and I would not have needed our own personal moveable alphabet, for within weeks my daughter was reading short sentences and was no longer distraught. She went from reading phonics books to chapter books such as Junie B. Jones within a year. The independence and practical life skills that the Montessori education has provided my daughter is invaluable to her growth and development. As a busy working mother, I don’t know when she began to tie her shoes, I just know it is something she learned at school. I do remember when she first learned how to put on her coat-she displayed such a sense of pride as she tossed it onto the floor and managed to get both arms in and buttons completed. If I couldn’t be with my daughter 24/7 during her childhood, there is no place I would rather her have been, than at Richland Academy with all of the amazing staff.

    -Lani H.