Teachers and Staff

“She will learn from the child how to perfect herself as a teacher.” –Maria Montessori

Richland Academy teachers and staff are highly qualified and experienced in the Montessori tradition of educating children.  They are dedicated to making each child’s experience at Richland Academy positive and successful.  Richland Academy provides annual CPR and First Aid training to the staff.

  • Montessori Teacher - Amanda

    Amanda McKinley

    Education Director, Preprimary & Extended Day Teacher


  • Montessori Teacher Vicki

    Vicki Hershberger

    Montessori Directress & Montessori Teacher
  • Montessori Teacher- Munawar

    Munawar Khan

    Preprimary Program Aide & Childcare Staff

  • Amber Whistler

    Summer Camp Director & Childcare Staff
  • Montessori Teacher Tatiyana

    Tatiyana Kern

    Preprimary Program Aide & Childcare Staff
  • Montessori Teacher- Cherie

    Cherie Yoder

    Infant/Young Toddler Program Aide & Childcare Staff


  • Montessori classroom aide- Tammy

    Tammy Naugle

    Classroom Aide & Childcare Staff